Sunday, August 27, 2006

Garden Blogging Pioneers

If you have any thoughts about garden blogging or have been doing it for some time - this is a fascinating insight into the folks that have been garden blogging for the longest time (over 4 years).

If you're close to this or even want to see how the early adopter pioneers of this writing genre got started, then do go to Kathy Purdy's website and check out the conversation. I also note that Kathy's blog is about cold weather gardening and has a bunch of other blogging resources mentioned. A great resource!

This article series won't help you become a better gardener but it will give you some insight into how those of us who write about gardening issues deal with the technology as we pursue both our love of the garden and our insatiable need to share that love.

This gets a great Doug #1-rating.


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