Monday, August 14, 2006

Pets in the Garden - Free Ebook

One of the delights in this garden writing business is meeting other gardeners and other writers. One of the people I have a great respect for in this industry is Pat Stone, the editor of Green Prints Magazine

Pat and I have put together an ebook that features some of the articles from Green Prints and some articles I wrote. We've called it Pets and Plants because the stories are about... well... Pets and Plants.

Pat's stories from are wonderful stories from his magazine about the human side of gardening - and specifically Pets in the garden. In fact, Green Prints is a magazine that focusses on the human stories in gardening and is one magazine I read from cover to cover every time it appears in my mailbox. My stories are more how-to types.

It is free and it is yours to download.

And after you read it - I'm sure you'll want to get your own subscription to the magazine.


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