Sunday, September 03, 2006

Storm's Aftermath

tuberous begonia
I'm not complaining really - because strange as it may seem, I really like wind - particularly a good blowing wind. I am a sailor after all.

And this is the kind of thing you can expect after a big storm has moved through.

Combine high winds and rampant soft growth and something has to give. In this case, this tuberous begonia is pretty much done for the year anyway. It will continue to bloom and if I were a berserker gardener, I'd cut the shoot off about three inches long and root the tip of it in a glass of water. Then I'd overwinter it to start it again next year.

But I'm not one of those save the plants at all costs kind of guy. Those begonias are toast as soon as the frost comes or the wind returns - whichever comes first. I won't even try to save them although I'm considering saving the geranium next to it.

On the other hand.

The lemons, limes, and other tropicals however will be sprayed this week with insecticidal soap to start the process of eliminating winter hitchhikers and then they'll be brought inside. So while they survived the storm nicely, their outdoor life for 2006 is almost over.

The wheel turns again.


At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Marte said...

Oh the dilemma! What to bring in and what to leave to die! If only I had a room with nice southern windows. I lugged a tropical hibiscus in and out for four years until it finally passed on in the middle of a rainy summer. No clue why. This year I'll bring in one geranium and some herbs. I always feel guilty when I leave an unsuspecting house plant out there to perish. By the way, I ordered the Green Prints magazine and am looking forward to it.


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