Sunday, April 23, 2006


Very good friend, "I read your blog"

Me, "yeah" (with some suspicion)

Very good friend, "Nice levelling job. Did you really use a carpenter's level? You might get a new carpenter."

Me, "expletive deleted"

Very good friend, (encouragingly) "It will make an good water bowl for the dog."

Turns out that between the teeming rain, and some settling from the water weight, my newly levelled tub-pond had settled off kilter. And with that - so did my reputation.

So the only thing to do next week will be to dump out the water, jump up and down on the rocks to settle them again. Relevel. Jump up and down again.

And then find a new level. Stupid tool.

And no- I'm not going out in the pouring rain to take a picture of this.

Moral of story. A garden is *never* finished. Even when you think you have.
Real moral of story. Do it right the first time.


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