Thursday, April 20, 2006

End of a long week

Well, it seems like a long week. If you've been thinking of moving perennials, shrubs or roses ?? Now's the time. So I did. Spent an afternoon digging up the perennial collection from J & E's and moving it to the new garden. 8 hours of digging and planting later, the roots are installed.

Now, it won't make much sense in the way of design. I can tell roots apart (a daylily from a hosta for example) but I can't tell the different varieties of these plants apart. So they're in the ground but who knows what they'll look like this summer. And who cares!

Gardening is supposed to be fun.

And I confess the last two days of hard work have left me tired but happy. The best part of doing your own garden (and not getting paid for it) is that you can stop when you want a break. Take a cup of coffee - I'm drinking one as I write - and relax. If you get it done - fine. If not, it's not the end of the world.

Hint: with perennials you don't get planted. Simply put them in the shade and water them well. If bareroot - throw some dirt over the roots to hold the moisture. They'll be fine for up to a few days as long as they're dampish.

But when you're doing it for a living - the fun leaves around the second day of digging. Or earlier.

But this was fun and now that I've got the big overwintered roots in - the next thing is to find the holes and install the other seed grown plants from this spring. But that will wait until the middle of May when the last frost has moved through. And after that - I'll put in the annuals to give me colour this year while I wait for all the perennials to grow up.

Next I'll be planting the roses and pulling the container roses out of storage. Stay tuned for pictures of that.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying bulb blooms.


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