Friday, April 21, 2006

First water feature in new garden

Put in the first water feature of this new garden. It is a big old plastic tub (normally I hate plastic but I can't afford a metal lye tub) that I rather like. You can see it's sitting on some flat rocks (I have lots of these) and I spent a good length of time getting it level and flat so the water will be level. I even used a proper carpenter's level to get it to set straight.

Put the original casting on her own flat rock. The plantings will surround this and will eventually cover it. I'll likely use some containers around this small water feature as well to add instant plantings.

Inside it I'll use some small fish such as guppies or rosy barbs to control mosquitoes although why I'll do this when I'm surrounded by water is beyond me.

I'll be adding some oxygenators to keep the water clear (1 clump of plants for every 3 square feet of open space) and I intend at this time to find a dwarf blue tropical lily to grace this space. I rather like those but I'll have to see what the plant budget looks like in another month after I've filled my containers.

But you can see the garden is slowly taking shape.


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