Saturday, April 15, 2006

Have I got a deal for you

What you see to the right are a few of the treasures that have appeared as I've been digging my new herb garden. I can give you a serious deal on a

**rubber preserving jar ring. Slightly dirty at the moment but I'm sure it will clean up.

**a lugnut with chrome more or less intact

**a nail pre-bent so you don't have to bend it over if you're trying to use too long a nail to join two bits of board that are too thin. This could be a major timesaver if you're a nail-bender-over type of carpenter.

**a used beer bottle top - nothing else need be said

**a horseshoe, slightly used but perfectly capable of being installed pointed ends up so the luck stays inside.

**a bbq brush/cleaner tool. I note this is somewhat rusty but the scraper part is quite useable with a bit of cleaning

**a used battery that you could refill and recharge

**and finally the end from a length of pvc pipe that may or may not have been chewed by something

How these things get into the soil around a house foundation is a subject for much speculation.

Do drop me a note to make an offer on one of these items. They won't last long!


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