Thursday, April 27, 2006

Here's the edge of my veg garden with a clear sheet of plastic laid down. This is the future home of my tomato patch. I'm heating up the area under the poly so the soil will be good and warm when I plant my tomato plants.

Good warm soil will get those roots growing well and the yields will be higher for this little trick. After the poly comes off, I'll mulch the plants with some straw or black poly to keep the weeds down. The only reason I wouldn't use straw is that I'm no sure where I can find some locally yet. But that's my first choice. I'd like to have my entire veg garden mulched with it but we'll see what happens later in the summer.

I did write an ebook telling you how to improve your tomato crop and solve common problems and this plastic trick is just one of the ways I'll be making sure I have enough tomatoes for my toasted tomato/garlic sandwiches. Summer is coming!


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