Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pond Care

OK - so I don't have to do a lot of work in pond care by taking these leaves out of my small deck pond. But give me a break. That's a red maple leaf. This is September. The leaves are coming off this tree fast and furiously (good thing as it's going to be firewood for 2008) but littering everywhere.

So be prepared with your own ponds folks - get ready with your own pond care nets and scoop those leaves off the pond. Don't let them rot at the bottom to create problems (using up all the oxygen in the water) for your fish.

I note this is the tree that I girdled several times this summer in a vain effort to kill it. It has turned well ahead of the rest of my trees and I hope this means it is dying. My septic tank will be pleased (the roots are well established in there) and I will be if I don't have to call Mr. Rooter this winter.

But this is still an interesting reminder of what's ahead for us in our ponds.


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