Monday, June 26, 2006

A Pond for Kids

pond fountain
I raised 4 kids and one of the constants was that they all loved messing about with water. Not necessarily swimming but messing about with sprinklers and water jetting here and there. This water feature is a kid's pond - complete with copper ornament that sprinkles water up onto the edge of the pond where a kid can play under the cooling jets on a hot day.

This is fairly simple and any handy person could drill out some holes (small ones to start) and bend a copper pipe (or put elbows etc into straight ones if bending pipe is beyond the technology you possess). I don't see any reason why black plastic pipe wouldn't do the same thing (other than the look of the thing - copper is much more elegant but we're talking a kid's pool here - elegant may be a word we can ignore). Hook it up to a pump and you've got a sprinkler. Just make sure you've got enough water in the pond or an automatic refill system.

Note the slotted rock that streams the water back down into the pond.

And how old do you have to be to no longer be considered a kid?


At 11:51 PM, Blogger amy said...

The other day and the dentist pronouced that my son was an adult now. I thought he was referring to the sobering experience and grim realities of having two teeth pulled. Come to find out, it was because he no longer has baby teeth. I tell him he will always be my baby. I think for some of us it takes a very long time. For me it took about 23 years. Growing up, now that's another story.


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