Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's a pilates ball got to do with garden design?

I visited Flora Montreal last week and all I have to say about it is WOW! I confess that sometimes I'm a jaded garden visitor. I've been visiting and building gardens for over 30 years now so I expected same-old, same-old garden design from this landscape exposition.

Instead I got some of the best landscape ideas from the 45 gardens on display and came away all refreshed and looking at my own garden design again (and changing it hourly after seeing and thinking about the designs at this wonderful expo).

Can you tell that I'm enthusiastic? Let's just say that I took 207 pictures at this place and am working on a new site just for them. This is excellent stuff.

If you have a chance - visit Montreal this summer. While FLORA will stay around for the next 10 years - each year the gardens will be different (yeah!!!) giving me an excuse to visit this wonderful city every year. (as if I need an excuse to visit one of the finest cities in North America)

If you like eating, drinking fine wines - and want an exotic visit (80% of Montrealers speak English as well as French - so visitors are fine in this friendly city) then do put FLORA on your agenda before October 8 when the gardens will be taken down.

I'm not so sure about the balls though. Wait till you see what I do want in my backyard!


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