Saturday, June 17, 2006

Walled Gardens of Hotel Dieu

The Hotel Dieu Hospital in Montreal, Canada has a rare little gem of a garden that is very seldom open to the public. This garden - within a walled stone area - was part of the original hospital grounds started by the Sisters of the Religious Hospitalers of St-Joseph (English translation) I was fortunate enough to see this garden this past week and can recommend it as a little gem in the middle of Montreal.

The only way you can see this garden is to phone the Hospital Museum (use the regular switchboard) and make a reservation for a Sunday viewing. It is NOT open to the general public (it is still the home of the sisters) except by reservation on Sundays. In other words, you can't just wander in - even on Sundays. You gotta reserve folks! But do so. And happily donate to the cause of keeping this walled garden alive.

The gardens are not filled with rare plants but rather they are well laid out and colourful. The history lesson on the tour is also interesting as you'll be exposed to life in 17th century Quebec.

My recommendation. I'd go there once for the garden and the history tour but I'd go.


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