Saturday, July 01, 2006

Japanese Iris

Japanese iris
I really like Japanese Iris and I understand some folks have trouble growing it. Maybe I hold my mouth right or think enough positive thoughts about this plant (or maybe I even grow it properly) but I have not had much trouble with it. Here are the instructions for growing this delightful plant.

As with many specialized plants, I note the care instructions are really clear. Full sun, adequate moisture (constant moisture), the right soil pH (acid) and good feeding will produce plants. Mess up one of these things and your plant will respond with a gradual decline and small flowers.

Given this is one of the largest flowering iris in our garden with spectacular colours, having it decline is a shame.

In any case, it is blooming away happily in my own garden right now. And I have to divide it this spring and figure out where to plant a bunch of offsets (no problem - as I have a lot of wet spots for it to conquer)

Oh and the leaf behind the flower is a potted Philodendron that I put out in the garden for the summer.


At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Doug, I enjoy your newsletter with all of the beautiful photos and information about growing different flowers. I especially love Japanese Irises and have been growing them for a number of years. You gave some helpful information which I hadn't read before. Hopefully, when I put it into practice, my Japanese Irises will be even more beautiful. Keep up the good work. J.A. in Alabama

At 2:16 PM, Blogger lisa said...

fortunately, i enjoy the same luck with these irises. they actually do well in reasonably dry conditions for me, but i do have very acid 4 also. my soil is sandy loam where they do the best, in fact i have the exact plant pictured. definately just as nice as my bearded iris, and easier to care for, as i don't have to "uncover their shoulders" in the spring to promote bloom like i do my beardeds.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous michele said...

hi doug been a gardener on lake minnetonka for the last 8 years, and always love your feedback and knowledge. i purchased 2- endless summer hydrangeas and planted them in full sun in front of my house they do fine until around 3:00 when the sun is the hottest. i water them and they perk back up. ques first year of covering what is your opinon on covering the first year, with what and would you cut them back. regards michele

At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Sally said...

My garden was abandoned for 6 years because of illness. As I work to discover survivors, I found a glorious clump of Japanese iris, badly overgrown with grass, but multiplying energetically. This spring I pried up the mass, soaked and tugged it apart, planted and gifted and enjoyed. They are stalwart, gorgeous, and hardy.


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