Friday, July 07, 2006

Always something around a corner

garden design
While the planting isn't fantabulous - the idea is classic. I'm told that all gardens should have multiple views. I designed this into my main walkway (three separate views on the way into the house). Here's a view from another part of the driveway (not connected to the main pathway but an implied -and lesser - alternative). I simply mowed a pathway between the daylilies and the lilac bush to create another "where's that go?" kind of question in the viewer's mind.

In this case, it will be a pathway around to the front of yet-another perennial border.

But I made an important decision this past week. I've decided to hold off on creating any more gardens for the moment until the existing plantings mature a bit. I want to move them all around next fall to show off the plants a bit better and get a few wandering minstrels into their proper sunlight exposures. And this fall, I want to plant a ton of daffodils to give me a yellow wake-me-up in the spring (deer don't eat daffodils) So this pathway simply goes to the lawn for now.

This will give me some time to work on the boat, the car and the house and make sure the maintenance is right before moving onto the next few beds. Mind you, it will also give the cuttings I slipped this year time to mature and grow into real plants rather than a tiny slip/twig. I'll be able to populate those beds rather than just mulch them.

And next summer when I make the beds, I'll have something to plant in there right away from this summer's propagation.

At least that's the plan right now. But don't hold your breath.


At 5:23 PM, Blogger snappy said...

good luck with your future garden.I think gardens in transition are good.always planning more plants etc.keep up the nice posts.glad you can leave comments now..

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Pinky said...

A gardener not planning their "next" garden, is a dead gardener! I have 13+ acres in NH, working on the site work to move my house further back on the property (away from a busy road) and can't wait to start planting! As you can imagine, I have garden plans and sketches galore! Thanks for your posts and newsletter.


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