Monday, May 15, 2006

First fragrance of season

It was an overcast day last Sunday but our hosts suggested we go for a walk before drinks and dinner. They even outfitted us with "wellies" so we could plow through the swampy area behind the barns. OK - I'm up for a short walk before drinks on an otherwise yucky day I sayz to myself. We wandered back through scrub and brush to an unused township road (with speed limit signs for snowmobilers but we didn't see any of them).

What started out as a short jaunt through some scrub ended up being a horticultural event I had never before experienced.

The road allowance was flanked on both sides with lilacs. I'm not talking one or two lilacs. I'm talking miles of them. I'm not talking a plant or two deep, I'm talking multiple plants deep. In some cases, the plants stretched 100 feet back from the road in a solid mass of fragrant blooms.

I've never seen anything quite like this. The picture was taken on an overcast day and simply doesn't do it justice.

Given that lilac fragrance is one of the 10 most used scents in the perfume industry, I figure I had a million dollar experience.

And the drinks and dinner (while amazing!) were no match for the show Mother Nature put on. Thanks guys for the walk.


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