Sunday, April 09, 2006

Deer 1 - Doug 0

The first deer of the season hit my tulip patch last night. Totally ignored the tulips further out in the garden but came in and snacked on the ones right beside the house (two feet from the front door).

So the battle has been joined. This new garden is totally defenseless at the moment but by tomorrow night, there will be some changes. (mind you, by then the rest of the tulips might be gone as well)

There will be liquid "deer fence" on the shelf and spread around the tulips. Some "iris spring" soap will be hung and shavings spread. The blood meal will be everywhere. And an electronic scarecrow will be ordered or purchased if my favourite garden shop has one. No questions asked.

Stay tuned. My island is full of hungry deer and we're about to do battle. I think the deer are likely to win until I get install fencing (did I mention I'm going to install electric fencing as well?)

I'll let you know how it goes...


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