Friday, October 20, 2006

One Small Step

One of the things that strikes me about the entire environmental debate is that often the information is simply overwhelming. I mean, I've been doing some of these things for many years now (I built my commercial sized solar greenhouse in 1979) and I can still be overwhelmed by the choices and information rolling over top of me.

So - here's my thought.

If we do one small thing, we can make a difference.

Not only that - but if we all do one small thing, we can make a bigger difference.

I'm putting together a list of small things we can do in our own gardens that will make a difference. They don't have to be big things (in fact, I don't want big things). But I'm going to pass them along on my other blog and newsletter

My first project though was to pass along 12 small steps you can do right now. I've put them into a series of emails that I'll mail to you if you sign up for them.

I don't use your email for any other purpose than sending these small steps - (too busy being a gardener to spam).

Feel free to pass along these tips or the address of the other blog to your friends if you'd like to join me and help to make a difference.



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