Sunday, June 04, 2006

Japanese Bridge

This is a garden bridge over one small stream at a rather large pool at the Royal Roads University, Japanese Garden (Victoria, Canada). The bridge is a marvel of repeating arches and the reflections in the water are quite wonderful.

I note this garden has had some major changes in it since the last time I was there four years ago. Some fences have been torn down, opening up the garden and making it much more spacious. There are new plantings and the maintenance is much better. I still note there are several large beds infested with horsetail that require a full renovations (that stuff is pernicious) but this is one of the little-known garden gems out on Vancouver Island. This garden - and the associated Hatley Hall gardens are well worth visiting as good gardens and good garden design.

I'd give it my garden visiting recommendation. I'd go back.


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